Welcome to the only virtual museum devoted to 4x All-American Frank Hinkey and the 1890s Yale football teams.  During Frank Hinkey's four year reign as left end for the Bulldogs Yale had a 52-1 record, outscoring their opponents 1,730 to 25.  He was later named on countless All-Time All-American teams with many considering him the greatest football player of the 19th century.  

Here you will find an in-depth biography along with unique sports memorabilia and photographs, many once belonging to Mr.Hinkey and/or his teammates.  A special thanks to the Hinkey family, Eleanor McCree and Will Conroy.  Without their support and advice this museum wouldn't be possible.

This website is dedicated to the memory of John Hinkey (1940-2020) - Frank's nephew and driving force behind this virtual museum.   His spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of those who loved him. "I thank God every time I remember you." - Philippians 1:3

Enjoy your visit. Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions at meb1675@yahoo.com.  Please include full name and contact information.  Everything in our collection will be donated to the archives at Yale and/or Phillips Andover Academy.   

December 5, 2023 - Signed cabinet photo of Fred T. Murphy in "The Vault"

Frank Hinkey 1900

Post-Yale Biography of Frank Hinkey

John Greenway aNd frank hinkey

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1891 Yale Football team

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