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Here are numerous scans of original photographs from our archive.  We have cropped some of the cabinet cards for aesthetic purposes. These photos are not posted elsewhere on the site.  To see all our photos you need to explore the rest of the website...and keep checking back for further updates.  

Lewis Hinkey (Frank Hinkey's Father)

Mary Ann Nice Hinkey (Frank Hinkey's mother)

Nice family farmhouse on Grand Island circa 1900.  

Frank Hinkey circa 1872

Frank Hinkey as a young boy (circa 1880)

DeVeaux Military Prep School 1887-88.  Cropped photo below.

DeVeaux Military Prep (circa 1886)

DeVeaux Military Prep (circa 1887)

1889 Philips Andover Football Team

1891 Phillips Andover Baseball Team  

Another 1891 Phillips Andover Baseball photo

1890 Phillips Andover Football Team

1891 Phillips Andover senior portrait

1891 Yale Football Team

Class of 1895 Freshman Football Team

1892 Yale Football Team

1891 Football photo

1893 photo of Frank Hinkey.  Notice the blood-stains along the right shoulder and front of uniform.  Those stains are from the 1893 Yale-Princeton game.

1893 Yale Football Team

1894 Yale Football Team

1894 Yale Football Team.  Frank Hinkey is holding the football.  His brother Louis Hinkey is sitting next to him on the left.

1895 Yale senior portrait

1895 Yale Class Photo.  Frank Hinkey is in the back right, along with the rest of his fellow 'Bonesmen'.

Brinck Thorne and Frank Hinkey - 1895 football season (Mr. Hinkey was graduate coach)