Newspaper Photographs

From the mid 1800's to the turn of the century, extremely popular illustrated newspapers such as Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated, and Illustrated American pictured the news and sporting events of the times. Special artist-correspondents and photographers were present at the event to accurately document the scene as it was making history.  Within a week after the event these photographs were in the public's hands.  These illustrated newspapers brought this sensational game from the East coast to the rest of the country.  

Below are just a handful of photographs we have in our archive.  A special attention was obviously placed on photos containing Frank Hinkey and his Yale teammates.  

November 20, 1891 - Boston Globe

November 21, 1891 - Harper's Weekly

December 10, 1892 - The Illustrated American

October 8, 1893 - The Boston Globe

Fall 1893 - New York Recorder

November 23, 1893 - Frank Leslie's

November 25, 1893 - Harper's Weekly

November 30, 1893 - Frank Leslie's

December 16, 1893 - The Illustrated American

November 29, 1894 - Leslie's Weekly

December 1, 1894 - Illustrated American

1895 Yale Pot-Pourri

October 26, 1913 - The Boston Globe

October 21, 1921 - Dayton Herald