Thomas Trenchard

Posted below are artifacts once belonging to Princeton's 1893-94 Football Captain Thomas "Doggie" Trenchard.  This collection was graciously given to us by the Trenchard family.  It is an honor to display these items here for all football fans to enjoy.  We have also included some of our own exhibits to this page.

1890 Lawrenceville Football Team

1891 Lawrenceville Senior Photo

Class of 1895 Princeton Freshman Baseball Team

Class 1895 Freshman Baseball Team (version 2)

1892 Princeton Varsity Baseball Team

1892 Princeton Football Team

1893 Princeton Team Individual Photos (Hinkey Archive)

1893 Championship Princeton Football Team

1893 Princeton Football Gold Charm

1893 Princeton Football signed banquet program (Hinkey Archive)

1894 Signed photograph of Thomas Trenchard (Hinkey Archive)

Senior portrait of Thomas G. Trenchard

1895 Princeton Class Day photograph.  Thomas Trenchard was Master of Ceremonies.

1895 Princeton Colonial Club

1895 Princeton Graduation Photo

1895 Princeton Senior Yearbook