This site is a virtual museum dedicated to 4x All-American Frank Hinkey and the 1890s Yale football teams.  During Hinkey's four year reign as left end for the Bulldogs Yale had a 52-1 record, outscoring their opponents 1,730 to 25.  He was later named on countless All-Time All-American teams with many considering him the greatest football player of the 19th century.  

Here you will find an in-depth biography along with unique sports memorabilia and photographs, many once belonging to Hinkey and/or his teammates.  This site is regularly updated as new information is discovered. A special thanks to the Hinkey family, Eleanor McCree and Will Conroy.  Without their support and advice this site wouldn't be possible.

Last Updated: February 21, 2018- On "The Vault" page we posted pictures of Frank Hinkey's 1891 Yale Championship Gold Charm.

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Frank Hinkey 1900

Post-Yale Biography of Frank Hinkey

John Greenway aNd frank hinkey

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Brinck thorne and Frank hinkey 1895

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